Tiny Homes Progress

Our Tiny Home Project is almost complete! This project was only an idea and a discussion 2 years ago. Things were set into motion and seen as a reality about 1 year ago.

The cottages are currently used for male individuals who are in immediate need of shelter. This includes, but is not limted to: the homeless, victims of a traumatic events, or people who are wanting to escape an abusive environment.

The cottages are measured to be 10×10 with studded walls and concrete foundation. One cottage will sleep 2 individuals. Inside each cottage you will find a small dorm style refrigerator, microwave, cooling/heating air conditioner, & 2 beds. On the property, a separate facility will house a shower/laundry house w/ separate men’s restrooms for the tenants to use. It will be a gated community w/ security cameras. There will be a gazebo built for local outreach events. Finally, we have a cottage for our gate keeper, who will be on the premises to oversee the internal workings of the mission.

This is Phase 1, with Phase 2 being our Natchitoches Street project which will house both men and women.

Proud to serve….proud to be an American. Luke 21:1-4!!!

tiny home project  tiny home project  tiny home project


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